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Caching issue with Experience fragments

A common issue with Experience fragment(XF) is cache invalidation of pages referencing the XF. When a Experience fragment(XF) is modified and published, pages which reference the XF are not updated and still shows old XF content. This happens because the XF content/html is cached as part of each page instead of being referenced from a shared location.

Page needs to be explicitly activated/invalidated to view the updated content of the XF. This can be quite tedious and unpractical at times for the authors. There are multiple ways to tackle this problem.

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Touch UI multi-field or composite multi-field

AEM provides OOTB multi-field in which only one widget/field can be configured as part of the multi-field.

For example, have a look at the OOTB list component 
setStatic/items/well/items/pages) which only has a single field in a multifield.

In most cases this might not suffice your requirement. You might need a composite multi-field with 2 or more fields as part of the multi-field.

To achieve this there are multiple options. You can choose to go with either of them.

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