Setup docker dispatcher in AEMaaCS

AEMaaCS sdk now comes with a docker dispatcher which can be run in a docker container. Setup is straightforward, just follow the below steps.

1) Install docker

2) Install Docker Extension in Visual Studio Code(Optional)
This is a useful extension to view docker container and browse through files like on a file system.

3) Download dispatcher SDK
Download the Dispatcher Tools (as part of the AEM SDK) with your Adobe/Enterprise ID

4) Extract dispatcher SDK
Below command will generate the vanilla dispatcher configs

$ cd /Users/rahaggar/DevTools/Projects/myproject/aem-sdk/dispatcher-sdk-2.0.65
$ chmod a+x
$ ./

5) Validate your project dispatcher configs above will be used for validating dispatcher configs.

Run Complete 3 phase validation

./bin/ /Users/rahaggar/DevTools/Projects/myproject/devt/code/dispatcher/src

Run Quick 1st phase validation

./bin/validator full -relaxed /Users/rahaggar/DevTools/Projects/myproject/devt/code/dispatcher/src

6) Run dispatcher with your project dispatcher configs will be used for running the dispatcher in a docker container.

./bin/ /Users/rahaggar/DevTools/Projects/myproject/devt/code/dispatcher/src docker.for.mac.localhost:4503 80

Run dispatcher with debug logging written to a log file

DISP_LOG_LEVEL=Debug ./bin/ /Users/rahaggar/DevTools/Projects/myproject/devt/code/dispatcher/src host.docker.internal:4503 80 > logs.log

7) Access dispatcher

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