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Using AEM events in Adobe IO – AEMaaCS

In certain scenarios, you may need to perform extensive processing in response to events occurring within AEM. Nowadays, Adobe I/O presents a contemporary solution in such situations to offload processing from AEM.

For example, say you need to invalidate Akamai cache upon page replication. In this scenario, you can capture the page publish event in Adobe I/O and trigger the invalidate call to Akamai through Adobe I/O using a runtime function. Alternatively, you could set up a webhook on Adobe I/O to make the API call directly from the webhook.

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Troubleshooting BYOCDN Integration in AEMaaCS

In certain cases, clients may have the requirement to use their own CDN(Bring Your Own CDN) in conjunction with Adobe Fastly CDN in AEM as a Cloud Service (AEMaaCS). This allows them to have greater flexibility in configuring the CDN according to their specific needs, as compared to Fastly which may have more restrictions. However, setting up this configuration requires careful planning and proper configuration to ensure it functions correctly.

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