Touch UI Checkbox selected by default

When dialog is opened the checkbox should be selected by default.

Steps to achieve this in touch ui

  1.  Create nt:unstructured node with sling:resourceType = granite/ui/components/foundation/form/checkbox
  2. Add defaultChecked property (boolean) true
  3. Add “uncheckedValue” property. Assign value to it that which should be saved on the node when checkbox is not checked.
  4. Add “value” property.  The value of this property will be saved on the node when checkbox is selected.

Touch UI checkbox form field


  1. Rohit Mian

    That helped a lot. Thanks

  2. Prakriti

    I love how easily and elaborately the eme concepts are explained out here…they make My work so simple and fun to do ! Thanks a ton Rahul 😊🙏

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