Tag: AEM 6.2

Quick Alias for AEM Developers

For AEM Project development and delivery — we use the Author, Publish, Maven commands and Local Dispatcher setup (Start, Stop etc.)

For Mac Users — we can optimise the process by setting up the Alias for the frequently used commands which will improve the productivity — we will not need to look for the path again and again.

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Custom Namespace in AEM

Why a namespace is required?

Assets metadata in AEM might be updated from multiple 3rd party systems. Namespaces help us identify the source of the metadata.

To persist custom metadata properties to the binary. Unless a namespace is attached to a property, the property will not be persisted to the binary.

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Touch UI multi-field or composite multi-field

AEM provides OOTB multi-field in which only one widget/field can be configured as part of the multi-field.

For example, have a look at the OOTB list component 
setStatic/items/well/items/pages) which only has a single field in a multifield.

In most cases this might not suffice your requirement. You might need a composite multi-field with 2 or more fields as part of the multi-field.

To achieve this there are multiple options. You can choose to go with either of them.

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